Strength & Conditioning Level 2

ProActive Training's Level 2 S and C course is designed for individuals to gain an excellent understanding of both coaching and also the best preparation of athletes in their given sport. The qualification will enable individuals to devise strength training programs for athletes in whatever their chosen sport.

Strength and Conditioning courses

Level 2 Strength and Conditioning

Strength and Conditioning is a rapidly growing bespoke area of provision for sports people which uses resistance training and endurance conditioning to enhance and improve performance. A well devised training regime specific to the requirements of the individual will enhance performance and also reduce the risk of acquiring injuries.


  • How to effectively plan and coach resistance training exercises in a gym based environment
  • How to coach and design speed, movement and agility programmes for athletes of all sports
  • How to plan a basic strength, hypertrophy and power programme for an athlete.

Entry Requirements

Open to all undergraduate and postgraduate sport and health students, fitness professionals and holders of the Level 1 S and C award.


3 Days teaching and 1 day assessment


  • understand how to apply different coaching styles to support various styles of learning and understand how aid the development of participant performance
  • deliver a linked and progressive strength training programme and for either speed or endurance
  • complete a multiple-choice theory paper
  • be observed coaching a strength-specific coaching session or a speed- or strength-specific coaching session
  • create a continuous professional development (CPD) action plan.

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Course details

Level 2 Award
3 days teaching and 1 day assessment

Course cost: £400.00

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